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Top 10 mistakes to avoid when starting an ecommerce store

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10 mistakes most new ecommerce owners make and how to avoid them
The one popular product most newbies try to sell that FAILS 95% of the time (see page 6)
3 ways to find great products to sell that would guarantee SALES (see page 6-7)
Think you can ignore product quality? WRONG. Learn how Facebook is shutting down ADs accounts due to low product quality products 
How to accurately calculate net profits. See how miscalculations can lead to huge pains of cashflow and scaling
The best way to get better deals from suppliers that would leave your competitors in the dust
The #1 mistake that prevents ecommerce sellers from scaling up sales and a strategy so that it doesn't happen to you (see page 15)
It's a good idea to run ads on different platforms to increase outreach, right? WRONG - Learn why focusing on too many ad platforms is never a good idea for new ecommerce sellers
3 split tests that can help you dramatically improve sales overnight. No, it's not the color of your buttons or the font of the page (see page 22)
a LOT more
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